On Monday, the singer released her own NFT series titled "Mother of Creation," three digitally crafted videos that recreate her as a naked woman giving birth to flora, fauna, and technology. The artworks are the result of a one-year collaboration with digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple.

Winkelmann, known for selling an NFT for $69 million at Christie's in 2021, said:

   "It's such a huge, crazy honor. I don't cooperate very much. It's probably the only thing I'll do for a very long time."

Madonna and Beeple's NFTs will be auctioned for charity through the online marketplace SuperRare.

Madonna said in an interview that her first encounter with the concept of digital assets was her desire to explore what she saw, based on the beliefs and community elements that drive the NFT market. Beeple and Madonna developed three videos that show viewers an avatar of Madonna giving birth to different organisms in a hospital bed, in a rusted vehicle, and in a forest. The singer paired each video with the poem. Some of the poems belong to him and some to Mevlana.


Proceeds from NFTs will benefit three nonprofits supporting women and children: the Children's Voice Foundation, which supports those affected by the war in Ukraine; City of Joy Foundation, which helps victims of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and the Black Mama's Bail Out foundation, which provides bail for incarcerated caregivers.

He became an NFT millionaire at the age of 16

For 16-year-old Jaiden Stipp, known on social media as Jasti, he became a millionaire thanks to his NFTs in digital art programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

At age 16, Stipp posted an NFT collection online, and the collection received more attention than he expected. Speaking to the US-based Business Insider site, Stipp said, “I thought it would be a one-time thing. But I got a better result than I thought.” said.


The 16-year-old announced that he was given an offer of $ 200 (approximately 3 thousand TL) for his first NFT. Stipp said that his NFT received another offer after a while, such as 20 ETH, that is, 30 thousand dollars (approximately 450 thousand TL). Stipp started his digital art career as he found success in his first NFT.

It has been announced that the young NFTist has sold 438 pieces of NFT to date and the total value of his work is around 1 million dollars.