NFT Preparation from the Luxury Fashion Brand

Famous French luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent is preparing to enter the metaverse with trademark registration applications for the use of NFT for virtual goods. The company’s filings on January 12 reveal its plan to sell multimedia files depicting perfume bottles, toiletries and other personal care products, along with text, audio and video descriptions. Customers will soon be able to purchase a digital version of the same physical products they buy from the well-known company’s stores.

The applications also include a statement that Yves Saint Laurent plans to sell these products through metaverse-based retail outlets. The year 2022 marked a turning point for collaborative efforts between the beauty and fashion industries and the emerging Web3 space. Companies such as Gucci, Lacoste and Tiffany have made a name for themselves, especially in the NFT field. These initiatives of the companies are expected to continue in 2023.

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