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NFT Partnership Between GameStop and Illuvium

Ethereum blockchain game developer Illuvium has announced that it has partnered with game retailer GameStop. As part of the partnership, an NFT collection of 20,000 pieces will be released starting June 12.

According to the developers, NFTs called “Illuvitars” are digital artworks that expressively represent Illuvial’s avatars. Each Illuvitar has a power rating determined by its rarity. This allows you to move up the leaderboard.

Each “GameStop x Illuvitar D1SK NFT” will feature a unique GameStop-branded “Illuvitar” that the developers say has “108 potential combinations based on six different Illuvials, three emojis, three background stages, and two endings.” D1SKs will contain random Illuvitars and accessories and can be traded on the decentralized Illuvi exchange. NFT owners will have early access to Illuvium’s creature collecting games, Illuvium Overworld and Illuvium Arena, and other perks. GameStop also announced that its daily NFT fee revenues dropped to $4,000 due to the bear market.

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