The NFT collections of famous brands and individuals around the world, the increase in Metaverse usage area day by day, causes many people to step into the NFT sector. The latest data presented by IntoTheBlock shows that the total trading volume in the NFT market has reached 18 million ETH. This amount indicates a transaction volume of approximately 54 billion dollars.

The total NFT transaction volume, which was calculated as approximately 17 billion dollars at the beginning of the year, has seen an increase of 220 percent compared to today's 54 billion dollar transaction volume. Other data on the NFT sector may indicate that the development of this sector has just begun. Because only 4.5 percent of existing Ethereum addresses are related to NFTs.

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In the NFT market, which achieved a vertical growth momentum last year, it was seen that NFT products were sold to very serious numbers as well as transaction volumes. Although last year's volatile figures are not being talked about in the markets at the moment, it can be said that the sector has started to find a footing and is growing steadily.

One of the last names to talk about NFT Market, Marketing Manager Marie Tatibouet is among the names who believe in the development of the NFT industry. So much so that Marie Tatibouet believes that in the future, the market value of NFT can surpass big-capital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In addition, many multinational corporate companies do not like cryptocurrencies, but they do not want to stay behind the NFT market and are working in this area. The company that stands out among these is Amazon.


On the other hand, payments giant Mastercard announced in its latest statement that it has applied for the registration of 15 brands associated with Metaverse and NFT.

When the last week's sales are controlled, NFT sales of $ 658.4 million are seen with an increase of 3.35%. Among the 15 Blockchain networks with NFT sales, Polygon-based NFT sales doubled this week, creating the largest transaction volume. In the last week, an NFT collection called Moonbirds reached a trading volume of $ 231.9 million, making it the largest NFT collection of the week.