The South Korean city of Seongnam is being turned into a metaverse city where users can obtain NFT citizenship. Metaverse has started to become very compatible with all the fields it is connected to. It can be an intermediary for technologies developed in a wide scope from a municipality business to the game industry. South Korea is also bringing the city of Seongnam to the metaverse by taking advantage of the blessings of technology.

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Will Be Available On Metaverse By 2023

Seongnam, the 12th most populous city in South Korea, will have its own unique users after being reshaped in the metaverse. According to the news in Forkast, the city of Seongnam, whose metaverse plans are expected to be completed by April 2023, is aimed to be opened to use in the metaverse in the summer of next year. Along with NFT citizenships, citizens will be able to access more information about municipal services. The Seongnam city government has announced that the decision for NFTs will be finalized at a meeting in October.

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Seongnam Is Not First For Metaverse

On the other hand; Seongnam was not the first South Korean city to create a 'metaverse' city. Previously, the South Korean capital, Seoul, also established a 'metaverse' city and started non-public testing of the virtual settlement. It was stated that the test study will allow participants to participate in games and activities in an interactive way during the virtual reconstruction of Seoul city hall and Seoul Plaza. Seoul was also planning to integrate digital services into its 'metaverse' city. These digital services included a virtual complaints center with a live chat room. It was stated that 3,200 participants from Seoul's online learning platform and experts from the Seoul IT Tech Governance Group will initially participate in the test study.