Apart from being prepared with the first game engine specially developed for the metaverse, KyberDyne also has the title of being the first DBG game based on the metaverse. Behind him is an experienced team that has been involved in big budget productions in the game industry for over 15 years.

Steven, the co-founder and CEO of the project, said from his team, “Our developer team has more than 15 years of experience and they have experience in different fields. We know the internal and external lines of the gaming industry very well. We want to launch a real blockchain-based play-to-win game with a higher quality.” talks about

Players can navigate the developed Metaverse with their virtual doppelgängers. Doppelgänger is the image of a living human being exactly like himself.

The character creation screen, which is designed quite openly for customization, is like the image above. Everything in the KyberDyne universe is based on the user's imagination and experience.

kyberdane 2

Fun and challenging game content

Players can develop their own strategies in the game or in preparation by collecting various cards and creating different combinations. With its rogue-like nature, KyberDyne is full of innovation and variety. Each adventure and battle is presented as a new experience.

The sustainable KyberDyne economy gives its players the chance to earn NFT and KBD tokens for free. NFTs are upgrades of playing cards, and these upgrades use KBD as energy.

Dynamic NFTs

In the KyberDyne universe, all cards are dynamically created with the help of AI, that is, artificial intelligence. Each card is unique by default. Cards can be turned into unique NFTs when upgraded to 3-star level. NFTs can also be upgraded based on the experience of the characters, which changes the characteristics of the cards. All changes on the cards are recorded and stored on the blockchain.

KBD = Energy

KBD is used as a unit of energy within the Metaverse. Energy is required in metaverse exploration, card upgrades, synthesizing and duplication.


KBD Token

The KBD Token is used as an in-game energy unit. Card upgrades, syntheses, and duplication are all done using energy. KBD can be obtained from games and battles in arenas. Playing cards are exchanged for KBD tokens. Also, some of the gaming profits will be used to buy back KBD tokens.

Project team

CGO Shine: More than 15 years of game development and team management experience.

CTO Waza: The main focus is the game engine, having a leadership role in the development of multiple AAA game projects.

Flyer (Game Designer): He was the lead designer of Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Nest.

Steven (Business): He worked on Wall Street until 2017, then moved into the blockchain industry. Connections are good.

Jay (Marketing): Jay is experienced in marketing in the blockchain space. Since 2020, it has focused on GameFi projects.

In addition, the work experience of the project team includes world-class productions such as Assasin's Creed, Torchlight 2, Dota2, Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Nest.

kbd road map

Road map

2022 Feb: Initial public offering and listing, NFT pre-sales, Kyberdyne alpha version.

March 2022: Official game launch and multilingual support for both PC and mobile.

May 2022: Decentralized governance and voting, Metaverse integration (players will be able to design their own unique NFTs)

September 2022: Metaverse integration (players will be able to create and fight for their own epicenters)

Investors and partners

Among investors: FNVentures, Dreamboat Capital

Among the partnerships are: Infinity Pad, Synapse Network, MH Ventures. An agreement has been reached with Gamestarter for the start of the game.

SHO/IGO information

Ticker: KBD
SHO/IGO price: $0.045
SHO will take place on February 17, 2022 on the InfinityPad platform.
IGO will take place on the GameStarted platform on February 25, 2022.