NFT and Web3 Friendly New CEO to YouTube

Neal Mohan, who has been appointed as the new CEO of YouTube, pointed out that NFTs and Web3 technology can be an important tool. With the departure of Susan Wojcicki, one of Google’s officials, from YouTube, a place was made for the new CEO. Mohan, one of the advocates of Web3 technology, took office as the new CEO of YouTube. Mohan mentioned that technological topics such as NFT and Web3 on the YouTube platform will facilitate content producers in the future.

Mohan had set up plans to integrate content for Web3 in February of last year, thanks to NFTs. Mohan, who has always approached the topic of NFT, which is one of the long discussions of the crypto industry, has reduced the audience that hates NFTs. Mohan stated that there are many opportunities for NFT and Web3 topics, such as attracting audiences to YouTube content producers, additional income stream and increasing interaction. Mohan cited NFT rendering of images, videos, and artworks of YouTube content producers as an example. Mohan expressed his thoughts on the subject of NFT and Web3 integrated into YouTube as follows;

“Web3 continues to offer new opportunities to content producers. We believe that with the blockchain integration, new technologies will enable them to better communicate between content producers and viewers. Content producers will be able to collaborate with new content and provide different sources of income.”

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