The concept of the metaverse and NFTs continues to attract more and more attention. Top-ranked global brands are working to leverage NFT as they explore ways to maintain connections with customers.

NFTs and digital tokens, virtual candy and snacks

Most recently, leading global chocolate brand Mars Inc. has filed an NFT trademark application for its popular product M&M. Licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis announced the news of the application in a tweet on June 24, noting that it includes "NFTs and digital tokens, virtual candy and snacks."


Additionally, the filing from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 20 covers software used to verify, transmit and store NFTs, digital currencies, as well as crypto collections.

The company has expressed its intention to capitalize on the cryptocurrency industry by offering NFTs and digital collectibles covering some of its popular physical products. The transcript of the application shows that the company will offer virtual entertainment services such as online virtual environments where virtual goods such as chocolate, candy and chewing gum will be featured.

Famous Director Spike Lee thinks that NFTs can be used actively in the film industry.

Lee thinks using NFTs to finance films will bring more democracy to filmmaking. Spike Lee, the director of famous films such as She's Gotta Have It and Do the Right Thing, talked about the advantages of using NFTs in the film industry. Speaking at an NFT conference in New York, Lee stated that NFTs will bring film financing to a wider spectrum.


At the NFT NYC conference at Radio City Music Hall, Lee also stated that his view on the potential benefit of NFTs comes from his own experience. The director talked about how people who financed his films in the 1980s still benefit from this investment.