New NFT Collection on Polygon from Starbucks

Starbucks Odyssey has made its second NFT sale. Web3 loyalty program members with two Stamps in their wallets were able to access the pre-sale. The first series of Starbucks Odyssey’s NFT collection called “Stamps” received a few heavy criticisms. However, Starbucks’ Web3 loyalty program did what beta programs were supposed to do and learned from the company’s mistakes. Starbucks’ loyalty program released “The Siren Collection,” a limited-edition NFT open to invite-only beta members, on March 9. Despite a limited number of people, 2,000 Stamps sold for $100 were in such high demand that the company’s website went down for a while. Many members encountered the error message while trying to purchase from NFTs on Nifty Gateway.

Planned as the second NFT drop, “The Starbucks First Store Collection” was a collection where 5,000 Stamps were sold for $99 each. The program is restricted to Odyssey members who have at least two Journeys Stamps in their wallet. At the same time, while two NFTs could be purchased per user in the last sale, one sale per user was possible in this sale.

While the planned pre-sale is a good start to solving problems from last time, many members were confused when they learned that they couldn’t buy. In the first few minutes of the early access period, the community’s Discord group was flooded with screenshots of users remaining in the second phase of the process. According to the screenshots, the wait times given to the users ranged from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

After the 3-hour pre-sale ended, the rest of the Odyssey members managed to get one of the nearly 2,800 Stamps that went up. Overall sales went more smoothly. Users who purchase from “First Store” Stamps will see the actual artwork appear on April 20. According to Starbucks, the surprise will be to commemorate 1912 Pike Place, the first Starbucks store in Seattle.

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