New NFT Collection for Hot Wheels

Mattel, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers, announced that it will create a new NFT collection for Hot Wheels, one of the company’s most popular brands. The main owner of toy brands such as Barbie, UNO, Fisher-Price, which took a place in the childhood of many of us, wants to catch the trends by bringing their products to the digital world.

Mattel announced on its website that it will establish a new marketplace for the sale of the Hot Wheels NFT collection. According to the statement, the company’s local NFT marketplace targets mainstream customers. Mattel has announced that users do not have to pay with cryptocurrency for NFT sales.

The company announced that it will use Ethereum’s competitor Flow (FLOW) for the infrastructure of the NFT marketplace and the production of digital artworks. Authorities plan to start NFT trading between users in the first months of 2023 on the Mattel Creations platform, which is still in its infancy.

Ron Friedman, director of Mattel Future Lab, said the following about the new NFT marketplace:

“As we build our own NFT platform, we are also working to turn our intellectual property into digital art. Our main goal is to interact directly with customers on our new platform. In the future, we will also create NFT collections for other Mattel brands.”

The new NFT collection of the Hot Wheels series announced by the giant toy company will go on sale on December 15.

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