New Metaverse Concept Drawing by Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu team had promoted their metaverse project, which aims to compete with startups like Decentraland. In the past months, clues about the project have emerged. SHIB stated that they are working with The Third Floor (TTF) visualization studio on this project in order to increase the quality of visual concepts on the platform. In a new post, the colorful concept drawing of the metaverse was included.

Shiba Inu shared a new image about the work of the Dunes world from the SHIB Metaverse account on Twitter. In the post made from the SHIB Metaverse Twitter account, the emotions and textures that the colored Dunes aim to reflect were detailed.

Shiba Inu likes to include deep details, as in the game Shiba Eternity. It’s not hard to say that the team loves literature and its traditions. Dunes is described as follows in the SHIB Metaverse post:

“Imagine yourself looking at the sand dunes shaped by the winds, feeling a sense of warmth, while the smooth sand particles meet other dunes at close range, perhaps you feel the sheltered areas behind an obstacle. Looking beyond you discover a kind of oasis, but this oasis is unlike any other, it is huge, It is shaped like an adventurous and modern place full of flamboyant architecture and cool waters.”

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