The biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has seen up to 10 percent increase in value in the last 24 hours, stepping into the $21,000 band and becoming the most valued cryptocurrency in the top 10. On the other hand, BTC bottomed out at $18,510 in this week's volatility.

While the Bitcoin market value increased to $ 400 billion again with today's upward movement, the total market value exceeded the psychological threshold of 1 trillion. Another important development was that the 24-hour average transaction volume reached the highest value of recent days and reached 90 billion dollars. While entering the US trading hours, there was a loss of slope in the bullish movement, but the outlook was still preserved.


Among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, there was an average of 5 percent increase in value on a daily basis. Ethereum (ETH) stepped into the $1,700 band with increasing demand today. After Bitcoin, the most valued cryptocurrency in the top 10 was Polkadot (DOT), pushing Dogecoin out of the top 10 again.

While crypto markets have been talking about the performance of Terra Classic (LUNC) for weeks, the native asset of Terra's new Blockchain, LUNA, has had all eyes on it with its astonishing bullish performance with afternoon trading. With high volume purchases starting at $2, LUNA increased its value by 280 percent in a few hours and rose to 7.66 TL. The altcoin, which saw a partial decline while the news was being published, was currently trading at a price of 6.5 TL.


On the other hand, LUNC started to move horizontally above $ 0.0005 in the first hours of the day, and started to act with sellers in the afternoon transactions. A rebound above $0.0004 came after the LUNC market saw a decline to $0.00035 in the accelerated US trading hours, but the bearish trend of LUNC continues. Cryptocurrency is the most depreciated cryptocurrency in the top 100, with more than 20% depreciation in the last 24 hours.

In weekly performances, it lost its first place to the LUNA token as of now. Currently, the most rising altcoins of the last week among the top 100 cryptocurrencies are two separate tokens of the Terra ecosystem. Among the high market capitalization cryptocurrencies that are overshadowed by Terra and Terra Classic tokens, Ravencoin, Cosmos and OKB also saw a significant rise of over 20 percent today. On the other hand, there are no altcoins that have fallen seriously, except for the loss of value, which reached 20% after the sale of LUNC in the last hours.