New Bitcoin Game from THNDR Games

The number of blockchain-based games has been increasing lately. Although the number of Ethereum-based games is quite high, the number of Bitcoin-based games has been increasing recently. There has been a development in this direction, and Bitcoin game developer THNDR Games announced the new Bitcoin game.

Bitcoin-based game developer THNDR Games has unveiled their new game that will allow players to test their problem-solving skills against other players to earn Bitcoin.

Bitcoin game developer THNDR Games recently announced that it has launched its newest win-to-play mobile game, Bitcoin Blocks. Combining the basic dynamics of popular puzzle games Tetris and Sudaku, Bitcoin Blocks will allow players to compete with other players to earn Bitcoin according to their scores. Making a statement on the subject, THNDR Games CEO Desiree Dickerson made the following statements:

“Crypto games often center around the idea of speculation. These games don’t just involve the pure joy of playing.”

As part of the game’s launch, THNDR Games also introduced the “Game Graph” feature, a feature that allows users to link to their profiles on the decentralized social media platform Nostr. Users will then earn “badges” for game milestones by linking them to their Nostr profile to help build their gaming identities on web3 social media platforms.

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