Decentraland users will have the opportunity to experience a scene from Netflix's new movie through the metaverse. Netflix plans to make the movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, more interesting. Decentraland has created a section from the movie. Users will be able to navigate through a maze to gather about the movie.

Working in partnership with Netflix Latin America, Decentraland said that the best way to experience the metaverse is to copy a real scene from the movie. According to the company, this is very important for attracting those who have watched the movie before.

decentraland 2

Decentraland officials stated that 2000 users spend time in the maze in a week. Users will also have the right to earn various avatars in the metaverse.

Decentraland official Diego Alvarez believes that blockchain technology is extremely useful for companies to interact with their customers.

Decentraland is also known for collaborating with huge companies such as Coca-Cola, Samsung and Nike. The company recently partnered with fashion giant Dolce & Gabbana to host Metaverse Fashion Week.


The following information is available on decentraland's site regarding the event, "The Gray Man: Metaverse Mission":

   To be the best agent in the world, you have to be the best agent in the metaverse.

Enter the maze, get the best times, win wearables.

Your mission: find the fountain in the maze and retrieve the USB with classified information, then get to the secret room to check your personal time and collect your rewards.

This mission will test your knowledge about The Gray Man, so only the ones who have their intel fresh will become the best agents of the metaverse. Find shortcuts, overcome obstacles and beat your best times to win any of these wearables from the movie:

  • Sierra Six's Jacket: suitable for all the needs of a Sierra Agent.
  • Lloyd's Trash Stache: Nothing says "trash" like a stache/polo combo.
  • Miranda's Bob: A cool suit AND a cool hairdo.

Are you up to the challenge, agent? See you in the maze.