Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, who broke new ground by accepting Bitcoin as a legal currency in September of 2021, shared a leading crypto-related post on social media.

Bukele, who has been struggling with gang incidents in the country recently and has not been able to share about Bitcoin for a while, stated that his price prediction for BTC may be delayed a little. President Bukele, quoting his post on Bitcoin's 2022 predictions on January 2, 2022, said, "Sorry, the final forecast had to be postponed." said.

In this post, Bukele said that he thinks his $100,000 prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) will not come true in a short time. Reactions began to come in a short time to the sharing. Upon these reactions, Bukele stated that the estimates are still valid and said that "this estimate is only for a few months".

Nayip Bukele's Bitcoin predictions for 2022 are as follows;

  • Will reach $100k
  • 2 more countries will adopt it as legal tender
  • Will become a major electoral issue in US elections this year
  • Bitcoin City will commence construction
  • Volcano bonds will be oversubscribed
  • Huge surprise at @TheBitcoinConf

Nayip Bukele El Salvador

While the president of El Salvador, Bitcoin-friendly Nayib Bukele, sticks to his prediction of $100,000 for the Bitcoin (BTC) price, Bukele's second prediction is about to come true.

Earlier this year, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele made some predictions about the Bitcoin (BTC) market. Some of his predictions were that Bitcoin (BTC) would reach $100,000 and two more countries would legalize it. Because, recently, the Central African Republic announced that it accepts Bitcoin as its legal currency.

Three months later, Bukele said the January 2022 forecasts were valid. He stated that his only invalid prediction was the big surprise claim at the Bitcoin Conference.