Mysterious Whale Collects These Altcoins From Binance

While Bitcoin continues to trade at the $26,000 limit, the tense wait in altcoins continues. While Ethereum and other altcoins await Bitcoin’s next move, some altcoins diverged positively from the market. SNX surged 14% and LPT 20% after the weekly close, and then pulled back a bit.

Lookonchain shared the wallet of the mysterious whale behind the rise. Accordingly, a newly created wallet pulled 3.44 million SNX worth $7.72 million and 502,235 LPT worth $3.9 million from Binance earlier today.

While an altcoin’s withdrawal from exchanges generally signals bullish expectations, there has been a serious increase in price. The mysterious whale’s wallet currently has no assets other than SNX and LPT.

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