According to data from on-chain analysis platform Whalemap, an unidentified Bitcoin whale sold 5,000 Bitcoins in its hands after 9 years of waiting and made a profit of around $ 95 million. The data revealed that the cost of Bitcoins in the hands of the whale in question was $ 698, and as a result of years of waiting, he made a profit of 2800%.

According to data provided by Oklink, 5,000 Bitcoins were transferred to Kraken on September 4, 2022 from the wallet created by this Bitcoin whale in 2013, followed by a sale on September 5. Considering the information provided by the data platforms, the 10-year-old whales, who can be described as "early visionaries" in the last few weeks, have recently returned.


How this mysterious investor, who has 5,000 Bitcoins, managed not to sell his Bitcoins for 9 years, points to an interesting point as much as the profit he made. Among the allegations made by social media users, it is thought that there may be someone who lost his wallet password and gained access to his wallet after a long time. On the other hand, we should not ignore the possibility that the mysterious investor has waited with a high will until this day. Many people think that, as in this example, it is proof that Bitcoin never disappoints long-term and patient investors.

Binance currently has no plans to convert Tether

In an interview with Cointelegraph, a Binance spokesperson stated that the company currently has no plans to convert USDT to BUSD, but plans may change in the future. He also stated that the move was made in line with the decisions to increase liquidity and capital efficiency for investors.

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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao shared on the subject on his social media account on September 6, and stated that users can deposit or withdraw the relevant coins after September 26, but all liquidity will be collected in BUSD. In addition, according to data from data and research firm Nansen, although Binance has just announced this move, it has been gradually converting USDC, which has been in its reserves since mid-August 2022, to BUSD.