Musk’s Twitter move sparked Dogecoin

Adding the letter D to the location section on Twitter, Elon Musk instantly increased Dogecoin (DOGE) by close to 10 percent. Pointing out the changes that will happen on Twitter in the past days, Elon Musk gave some clues with terms such as “X”. Now, adding the letter D next to the X text in the Twitter location section, Musk paved the way for an instant rise in DOGE. Despite the decline in BTC, DOGE, which rose under the influence of Musk, experienced an instant increase of 9.01%.

Ripple (XRP) has been dominating cryptocurrencies for a while. However, the cessation of the SEC case and the announcement of many officials against Ripple almost broke the momentum of XRP. Some of the volume in XRP has migrated to DOGE, which has been a big factor in its upward pricing. Despite the depreciation of BTC for a few days, DOGE, which has increased with its fundamental and technical analysis, has again attracted attention.

The memecoin, which continues to be on the agenda due to both XRP and Elon Musk, brought many surprising data. Due to Musk’s changes on Twitter, DOGE has generated more interest and hope. One of the important issues of curiosity is whether there will be add-ons related to DOGE on the new platform.

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