Musk Shares, Token Rises 50x

It is now known to everyone that Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk affects the price of any digital asset with a tweet. Elon Musk, who is expected to write something about Dogecoin, finally tweeted with the image of Milady Maker series NFT. After the tweet in question, the price of Milady Meme Coin (LADYS), inspired by Milady Maker but not related to the NFT series, increased by more than 5 thousand percent.

In the image, “There is no meme. I love you.” was written. In less than an hour, the tweet was viewed more than 4 million times and generated tens of thousands of interactions. The tweet not only created a wave of enthusiasm and excitement among Miladys NFT owners and individuals in the Web3 space, but also caused a significant increase in the value of the assets.

Digital asset market maker company DWF Labs is on the radar of the on-chain tracking platform Lookonchain. The platform shared: “DWF Labs may know something, it bought 13.53 ETH ($25k) 15 trillion LADYS 1 day ago.”

According to data provided by NFT Price Floor, the price of the LADYS token has soared, while the base price of the Milady Maker NFT collection in the secondary markets also witnessed a spike from 3.75 ETH ($6,920) to 5.25 ETH ($9,700). The jump evoked the impact Musk’s social media posts had on the valuation of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which is often associated with internet ‘memes’.

Meanwhile, Milady Maker had been a controversial project. NFT prices fell after its creator, Charlotte Fang, admitted last year that she ran a fake Twitter account that posted racist and abusive tweets. Fang said that he resigned from the team at that time. Miladys NFTs have also recently become a “wartime” meme among some NFT traders and crypto industry professionals using Milady Maker artwork on social media at a time when SEC scrutiny of cryptocurrencies has increased.

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