Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk may be playing his cards cunningly in the crypto world once again. According to a well-known NFT collector, the top-of-the-line Bored Ape NFT piece has been sold to an anonymous buyer.

While Musk is a firm supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, he was known by investors for his dislike for NFTs. However, allegedly, Musk spent close to 600 Ethereum in his last NFT purchase.

Musk Called NFTs Boring!

Last month, the Tesla and SpaceX founder expressed dissatisfaction with the new Twitter feature that allows users to put their NFT purchases as profile pictures. Musk criticized the new feature, saying the NFT profile picture offered for Twitter Blue was "annoying".

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NFT collector Deepak.eth, on the other hand, made a statement on Twitter, claiming that Elon Musk bought a valuable NFT. Noting that the 1837 numbered Bored Ape NFT was sold to an anonymous buyer, Deepak.eth stated that this purchase took place for 569 ETH ($1.57 million).

The user who sold the NFTs named Bored Ape said, “I thought I would have 690,420 ETH. But it sold cheaper, so as long as it goes to Elon Musk (NFT 1837), I'll be happy.” he tweeted. Reportedly, NFT has been sold on the Moonpay-eth platform.

Different crypto analysts also claimed that Musk may have bought NFT directly or indirectly. However, it should be noted that there is no official confirmation by Musk.

We can say that the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection is popular among famous names. Several celebrities such as Eminem, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Curry and Mark Cuban were included in the collection by taking NFT in this collection before.

Recently, Justin Bieber updated his Instagram profile with a Bored Ape NFT post. Bieber bought NFT for $1.29 million, making it the second most traded NFT in just eight months. However, it is still unclear whether Elon Musk has entered the world of NFT.