MultiversX Bridge Is Live

MultiversX (EGLD) continues to develop its ecosystem. The blockchain project, which signed an important agreement with Tencent in the past weeks, announced that MultiversX Bridge was also implemented. According to the official statement, the bridge will first work with BNB Chain. The integration will help bring a new wave of liquidity, tokens, communities and developers to the MultiversX ecosystem.

After BNB Chain, Polygon integration will be provided. According to the statement, the technical integration for the Polygon connection has been completed and the final checks are being made. Interoperability with the Polygon network is also expected in the coming weeks.

According to the statement of the blockchain project, the simplified interface for user experience will be the highlight of MultiversX Bridge, unlike other bridges that have been presented so far. The latest announcement of the bridge failed to create a strong acceleration in EGLD price. The popular altcoin is around $40. EGLD Coin had risen to $ 45 in the past days with the positive atmosphere in the market.

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