Mt. Gox’s BTC Refunds Delayed

One of the first Bitcoin exchanges of the crypto market, Mt. Gox went bankrupt in 2014 after a hacking attack. Mt. Gox’s trustee board has delayed a timeline for repayment. Creditors who have not been able to reach their funds for years will have to wait for a while after this delay. According to the notification, the payment date was postponed for at least 2 more months. Thus, a statement was made that the first payment date will be automatically paid as soon as possible after September. At the same time, the deadline for creditors to submit their claims has been postponed from January 10 to March 10.

On the market Mt. There is speculation that the Gox trustee team’s update of the payment timeline may be related to Kraken, which has recently decided to exit the Japanese market. MT. Gox creditors had to choose between several exchanges in order to receive their funds. One of these exchanges was Kraken. However, after the stock market’s decision to exit the Japanese market in January, it became clear that creditors needed to make an update on the place of payment.

Mt. Gox trustee’s statement that some creditors will extend the time to update their information, and this is in line with this development. Although Kraken’s exit from Japan does not affect many creditors, it seems that it is important to keep the information of all creditors up-to-date for repayments to be made in bulk. On the other hand, the legendary Mt. Gox’s collapse was one of the first and most important events that deeply affected the Bitcoin market. Over the years Mt. The perception that payments to Gox receivables will negatively affect the Bitcoin price has put pressure on the Bitcoin market. According to the latest situation, the postponement of payments to the end of the year and the withdrawal of the Bitcoin price to the bottom levels of the last two years, Mt. Mass selling pressure on Gox has also eased his concerns.

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