Mozilla Steps into the Metaverse!

Mozilla announced this week that it has acquired web-based metaverse startup Active Replica. Vancouver-based Active Replica has been enabling communities to connect and grow through virtual worlds for nearly 3 years.

According to the information shared by Mozilla, Active Replica will support Mozilla’s Hubs project. The company plans to increase engagement on Active Replica Hubs. In addition, the subscription features in Active Replica and the structure of the platform that support teamwork played a big role in attracting Mozilla’s attention.

Founded by Jacob Ervin and Valerian Denis, the startup was selling virtual event packages. These packages included venue design, event planning, live events and technical support.

Using Mozilla Hubs while creating Active Replica, the team is now preparing to bring new capabilities to Hubs. If you remember, Firefox Reality, developed for virtual reality glasses and offering a virtual reality-oriented internet browser experience to users, came to the end of the road in February after 4 years. Active Replica can fill this gap. Meanwhile, as part of the acquisition, Active Replica will continue to serve its existing customers, partners and community.

Mozilla Hubs, which offers tools and infrastructure for developers, recently started offering services that it previously provided for free for a fee of $ 20. In addition, Hubs, which has added account management tools, privacy and security features to the platform, will re-release the free version when it is opened to users globally in the coming period.

With the launch of the free version, users will get kits with customizable areas, avatars and identity options. It is possible that the company can easily implement the services it will offer through Active Replica.

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