Mow Awaits 6 Digits For BTC!

Samson Mow, CEO of cryptocurrency supporter Jan3, said he expects Bitcoin to rise.Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency that has been under selling pressure in recent weeks, has faced sharp drops. Despite these drops and the general market environment, some names think that BTC and altcoins are still resilient. One of them was Samson Mow, CEO of cryptocurrency supporter Jan3.

Speaking to Cointelegraph at the BTC Prague 2023 conference, Samson Mow said he is optimistic for BTC in the near and long term. Arguing that the price for Bitcoin under $ 30,000 is largely low, the famous name stated that BTC will soon recover. Stating that he expects six-digit numbers for BTC, Mow made the following statements:

I’m up on itcoin and I’m optimistic because everyone needs Bitcoin. This need is becoming more evident worldwide as traditional financial systems continue to face turmoil. The banking system is collapsing. The old financial system is collapsing. Money is no longer money. Nothing is working. Only Bitcoin works. In this context, I think BTC will be adopted more. And Bitcoin continues to get very exciting.

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