Over 5000 Bitcoins were moved from a wallet that has been dormant for almost nine years to another wallet yesterday. The current value of the moved Bitcoins is equivalent to 101 million 269 thousand dollars.

Recently, wallets that have been active after being “inactive” for 7-10 years are attracting attention. Some of these wallets were created when the mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was active after he released Bitcoin.


Earlier this month, a total of 1,110 Bitcoins were moved from an anonymous wallet that had been dormant for eight years. Finally, in today's transfer transaction, it was determined that there were three more Bitcoin addresses with the same origin. Two of them have five thousand Bitcoins, and the third has 6 thousand 71 Bitcoins. No Bitcoin exits have taken place from these addresses yet.

Latest Situation in Crypto Markets

According to data from analytics firm Coinmarketcap, the value of the global cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin, has dropped by nearly 2 percent in just 24 hours, to just under $953 billion. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has come under pressure from macroeconomic concerns and Powell's "hawk" speech at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium on Friday last week.

Btc Bitcoin-4

While Bitcoin fell below $ 20 thousand for the first time since July 13, when it fell to $ 18 thousand 905, it was traded at $ 19 thousand 836 at 11.50 TSI. Bitcoin's depreciation in the last 7 days has approached 6 percent. Bitcoin's market cap also fell below $380 billion.

Bitcoin, which was at an all-time high of $ 68,990 in November 2021, has lost approximately 72 percent since that date. Ethereum, which ranks second in terms of market value, has also lost more than 3 percent in the last 24 hours, falling to the level of $ 1,447.