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MOOI Network Lists on MEXC Global

MOOI Network, the blockchain ecosystem designed for gaming projects, announced the listing of its governance token MOOI on MEXC Global, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Listing is scheduled for April 25 at 10:00 UTC. Listing the MOOI on MEXC is an important milestone for the project.

MOOI Network was created by POST VOYAGER, a subsidiary of Cocone, a Japan-based avatar design and game social app developer with users from 74 countries. MOOI Network was established to assist Cocone’s Web3 transition. The MOOI Network also includes Jellyme, an NFT marketplace for blockchain-based games. Recently, the market has seen a significant increase in popularity: usage of dapp increased by 7,312% in April to 11,630 weekly active wallets, according to DappRadar.

Recently, MOOI launched the “Space Flea Market” collection, which includes gameplay items from one of Cocone’s legendary avatar services, Pokecolo. This collection has consistently been on the top 5 DappRadar NFT collections list for over a month now, attracting thousands of new users to the Web3 space. This success further solidified MOOI’s ability to attract and engage a growing user community, placing MOOI’s marketplace Jellyme in the top 10 for the period March-April 2023. MOOI Network creates a sustainable metaverse world by seamlessly incorporating metaverse, GameFi, dApps and NFT projects, providing exchange within a crypto wallet, NFT marketplace and ecosystem.

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