American investor Bill Miller said that Bitcoin (BTC) investors should not care about Warren Buffett, who sinks BTC to the ground at every opportunity.

Talking about the main point of investing is to make money and the need to limit his portfolio to productive assets, Miller stated during a recent podcast screening that Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett's unpleasant comments about Bitcoin should be ignored.

Buffett, who has not changed his negative views on cryptocurrencies since 2014, said in a recent speech that cryptocurrencies will have no chance against the US dollar.

In addition to Buffett, who repeatedly stated that Bitcoin produces nothing and has no value, Berkshire Hathaway's Vice President Charlie Munger - who is Buffett's right-hand man - likened Bitcoin to venereal diseases and claimed that it would fall to zero.

A devoted value investor, Miller has made it clear that he does not side with Buffett and Miller when it comes to value investing.


The former head of Legg Mason (LM) claimed that the main purpose of investing was to make more money and stated that he rejected the idea that he should choose only productive assets.

The leading hedge fund manager also claimed that he loves Bitcoin because its supply is not affected by demand. He added that he sees cryptocurrency as a hedge against financial disasters.

Miller also stated that he expects more declines for Bitcoin in the short-term, but that he expects a rise in the long-term.

Bitcoin (BTC) changed hands at $29,624 at the time of writing, while Bitcoin (BTC) last 24-hour trading volume was $32,244,976.168. Bitcoin (BTC) price is down -0.4% in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin Rally

Decline in Bitcoin's New Address Numbers

Cryptocurrency analyst Martinez shared in a tweet that the number of new addresses created on the Bitcoin network has decreased in the past few days.

The popular analyst shared a tweet in which he discussed the new address numbers of Bitcoin and included the relevant graphics, and when the seven-day moving average before May 20, the number of new Bitcoin addresses was around 425,000, but this number fell by 11.41% on Wednesday, May 25, to 376,488. He stated that he had regressed.