According to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, short-term volatility does not pose a huge risk, given Bitcoin's long-term potential and function. In a recent interview with The Block, Saylor compared it to owning property anywhere in the world, while claiming that Bitcoin is a more sensible investment tool than stocks.

Saylor's software company MicroStrategy owns approximately 129,218 Bitcoins. The company has been receiving BTC regularly since August 2020. Saylor reiterated that he will not sell his Bitcoins. According to Saylor, Bitcoin needs to drop 95% for the company to be alarmed. Even then, Saylor has said in the past that the company may issue alternative collateral. MicroStrategy took out three loans between December 2020 and June 2021 to finance Bitcoin purchases.

In May, MicroStrategy's stock price dropped to a 20-month low of $159.67. However, stocks later rebounded to $355.68. Bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency market tumbled in May as the Fed continued to raise interest rates. The Terra crisis, on the other hand, took a toll on investor confidence and made things worse. Bitcoin has fallen to 18-month lows since trading at around $27,000 on December 21, 2020. While many analysts declared this to be clear evidence of a bear market, Saylor made the following statement:

   "I don't know if it's a bear market or not, but if it's a bear market, we've already had three bear markets in the last 24 months."


With this statement, Saylor talks about April 2021, when BTC rose to $60,000 before falling to around $31,000 by July 2021, and then reached an all-time high of $69,000 in November 2021. Saylor added that he prefers to ignore short-term price action and that people who focus too much on the charts are "mistaken." According to Saylar, unless you plan to hold your Bitcoins for four years, you are not a real investor.

Answering Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson's questions last week, Saylor said that since the pandemic broke out in 2020, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin has grown by an astonishing 229 percent, while the US money supply has increased by 36 percent, while gold and S&P have grown by 7 percent. He noted that the 500 rose 29 percent and the Nasdaq 100 rose only 19 percent. According to Saylor, if you can manage volatility and take a long-term perspective, Bitcoin is ultimately a safe haven.