MicroStrategy Bought $347 Million Worth of BTC

US software company MicroStrategy has added new ones to its Bitcoins. The company announced that it has purchased another 12 thousand 333 BTC, paying approximately $ 347 million. MicroStrategy made its last purchase at an average of $ 28 thousand 136. With the new BTCs added, the total amount in MicroStrategy’s hands reached 152 thousand 333 BTC. 4.52 billion dollars have been spent so far for these BTCs. The average acquisition cost of all assets is $29,668 per BTC.

Michael Saylor, chairman of MicroStrategy, recently told Bloomberg that Bitcoin could experience a 100-fold increase in value. Saylor also made an ambitious prediction about Bitcoin’s dominance and said:

The entire industry will eventually be reduced to Bitcoin and a few PoW coins. Bitcoin price may increase 10 times from here, and then another 10 times from that region. Dominance can also reach 80 percent. Bitcoin is the industry’s only legal digital commodity. Regulators want digital commodities to be listed on crypto exchanges. So as I said, dominance will increase drastically. Until now, everyone has thought about which Bitcoin will be next. But today everyone is starting to realize that the next Bitcoin will be Bitcoin again.

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