Microsoft Cares About Metaverse

Microsoft CSO Henry Bzeih thinks the metaverse will play an important role in customer experience. Microsoft official, who attended the CES 2023 event held in Las Vegas, said that they want to transform the customer experience and that the future will be based on a hybrid model.

Microsoft continues to hold on tightly to its future in the metaverse. Answering questions at the CES 2023 event, Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer Henry Bzeih emphasized that as the world moves towards a more digital environment, a hybrid model will likely be the future of consumer and company relationships. “When we talk about the full customer experience, we have to take the metaverse into account,” said Bzeih, who has 28 years of experience in the automotive and technology fields.

One of the most important tech events of the year, CES is known for paving the way for some of the biggest innovations to come. Bzeih said that what the company is currently focusing on is “mobility cross-functionality” to transform the way customers use platforms to shop. The example Bzeih gave was on the way consumers buy cars today.

Bzeih said my consumers can configure a car’s colors and features via the metaverse rather than going into a dealership, pointing to the Fiat 500e that Microsoft is promoting in its virtual car showroom. He described Microsoft’s partnership with metaverse company Touchcast as “natural progress” to lead the data development of this Fiat model.

“Microsoft is behind the scenes in an enable mode. What we do is build product and solution spaces in the cloud for our customers.”

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