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Michaël van de Poppe Mentions Three Altcoins on His Radar

The crisis is causing intense fear, uncertainty and doubt in the markets. While the dark clouds in the markets continued to affect, analyst Michaël van de Poppe made striking statements.

Expert cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe talked about his general views on the current cryptocurrency markets, before revealing his plans for popular altcoins Ripple (XRP), Chainlink (LINK) and a token that he says is experiencing “enormous growth.” Poppe said:

“It is quite natural for investors to be nervous about the current market conditions. However, the resulting FUD causes an environment of uncertainty to increase.”

However, the senior analyst, who discussed the Chainlink charts, stated that LINK presents an opportunity for long-term holders, arguing that the current price level may continue to rise.

The expert said in the statement:

“LINK is still consolidating at lower levels and is a good entry if you’re looking to invest in it.”

Then, Van de Poppe made his comments by addressing SafePal (SFP), an altcoin that has risen 124% over the past seven days. The popular analyst briefly described a goal of SFP, emphasizing the following about the altcoin:

“On some level I may be watching this for daily trading purposes. SafePal is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet powered by cryptocurrency exchange Binance. It allows users to manage their cryptocurrency wallets using their mobile phones. The SFP token was created on the Binance smartchain blockchain and is in the governance protocol of the network. It can be used to vote and stake to earn rewards.”

The popular cryptocurrency analyst also shared the last altcoin on his radar with his followers. Analyst, who examined Ripple (XRP), the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market value, made striking statements about the altcoin. On behalf of XRP, the analyst said:

“I can’t say much about it as the markets are still consolidating at support levels and filled with mega fear. When it comes to investing there is entry but patience is required.”

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