MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor promised that MicroStrategy, the publicly traded company with the most Bitcoin holdings, will continue to buy more BTC and offer its software intelligence services to a wider customer base.

In a letter to MicroStrategy shareholders on Thursday, Michael Saylor outlined the company's Bitcoin strategy as "complementing our analytics software and services business" as a way to increase the growth of its corporate client base. Saylor described his parallel strategy of acquiring and holding Bitcoin as a great success, as well as reinforcing his business strategy to pursue his vision for Intelligence Everywhere.

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Saylor's strategy to acquire BTC has diversified since 2011 towards using proceeds from debt and equity transactions. Through the excessive cash flow from operations, Bitcoin began to be accumulated in August 2020. The company then increased the pace of accumulation by using convertible bond offers, stock offerings and crypto-backed loans to buy more Bitcoin for its treasury.

Saylor also described his company as "innovation is in our corporate DNA". He noted that MicroStrategy pioneered data mining software in the 1980s, was at the beginning of the web revolution in the 1990s, and adopted mobile analytics and cloud-based analytics in the 2000s.

MicroStrategy, along with its subsidiaries, currently holds 129,218 Bitcoins on its balance sheet, with a total cost of purchase of an average of $30,700 per token. The total value of 129,218 Bitcoins is equivalent to $3.97 billion.

Fear Greed Btc

Fear and Greed Index at "Fear" Level

Bitcoin continues to decline for 2 weeks. Many investors, on the other hand, get panic and fear in these declines. Situations where investors panic are seen as very suitable environments for the leading crypto money to experience a return. The crypto fear and greed index stands at 28 points as of today. The index, which is positioned at the fear score level, has been at extreme fear levels recently. BTC, which started an upward rise if it fell below the level of 30 points in the past, seems to experience a sharp rise again in the coming days.