The virtual singer Polar, produced in the Metaverse, has 1.6 million followers on TikTok and more than 500 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Inspired by ABBA's avatar concerts, Polar is now seen as a global star. Polar, which emerged during the pandemic period, has become one of the popular icons of the Z generation with its black mask and different style.

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With his Bratz-doll-style eyes, long turquoise hair, and mask covering the lower half of his face, he is followed by millions. Inspired by ABBA, Polar's career began when her debut single 'Close To You' was featured in the video game 'Avakin Life'. It has since gained 1.6 million impressive followers on TikTok and over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. The creators of Polar think that in a world where ABBA performs as a hologram, Polar can also take the stage.

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Victor Potrel, Vice President of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing, said he's focused on the big audience in the metaverse, but his team is also gearing up for a real-world scene. Regarding the merging of the digital and real world spaces, Potrel thinks we will see more fluidity in the future. "Maybe you don't always know whether you're ahead of the virtual artist or the real artist." said.

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The 16-year-old virtual character with a tall, turquoise braid has appeared in more than 100,000 songs released worldwide. He has even performed at sold-out 3D concerts around the world, with performances in Los Angeles, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo.

Polar believes that metadata will improve social connections and open the door to new shared experiences. “Imagine being able to go to a concert with friends who live thousands of miles away in the real world but are right next to you in the virtual world,” he said.