McKinsey & Company expects Metaverse to reach a $5 trillion market share by 2030. McKinsey thinks that the e-commerce sector, which has grown significantly with the effect of the pandemic in the last two years, will have an important place in the Metaverse field. Estimating a 5 trillion market for Metaverse by 2030, the company expects e-commerce to have the largest share in this field with 2.6 trillion. According to the report presented by McKinsey, other sectors that will make progress in the Metaverse area include virtual learning with $270 billion, advertising with $206 billion, and the gaming industry, which is estimated to reach $125 billion.


The McKinsey report also touched on the current state of the Metaverse space. According to the findings, investors continue to show interest in this area. So much so that in the first half of 2022, companies from many industries invested more than $120 billion in Metaverse. This figure exceeds 110 percent of investments in 2021.


In preparing the Metaverse report, McKinsey surveyed more than 3,400 consumers and senior executives across Asia-Pacific, China, Europe and the US. He also analyzed many industries including apparel, financial services, retail, telecommunications, media and technology. According to the findings, Metaverse is mostly used by the game industry today and more than 3 billion players can access different versions of Metaverse. Sectors such as socialization, commerce, fitness and virtual learning are other areas of use in the Metaverse field.


McKinsey research revealed that 6 out of 10 consumers surveyed would prefer at least one Metaverse experience over the physical alternative. In the survey conducted among senior executives, 95% of the respondents think that this new technology will have a positive impact on business life in the next 5 to 10 years.

Business leaders also recognize the potential of metadata storage to increase margin growth. Nearly 95 percent of leaders agreed that they expect technology to have a positive impact on their industry within five to 10 years, while 31 percent said it will change the way their industry works. Nearly 25 percent of business respondents expect Metaverse to account for more than 15 percent of their company's total margin growth over the next five years.