It is possible to define Metaverse as an enhanced version of virtual reality technology. Many envision that in this universe people can create and use three-dimensional avatars that are their representatives. But for now, there is no single agreed-upon definition for the Metaverse, as this remains just an idea. While Metaverse technology is thought to be the future of the internet recently, Facebook's change of name to 'Meta' has increased the interest in this field even more.

Although the word metaverse created excitement, the big promises and small deliveries may have reversed this. According to Epic Games executive Petit, humanity may be decades away from the Metaverse world promised by companies like Meta and Microsoft.

According to a survey, very few teens own an "augmented reality" device that can connect to the Metaverse. Its regular use rate is lower. Epic Games, which is critical of other projects, is taking firm steps forward in this universe with the Fortnite game.

Marc Petit

Epic Games is also developing the Unreal Engine, one of the largest platforms used to create games as a competitor to Microsoft and Valve. The latest update, Unreal Engine 5, simplifies the creation of NFT-based 'win-as-play' (P2E) productions.

Enthusiasts should wait for the Metaverse to develop, Petit says, because it wouldn't be interesting for anyone to experience the promised augmented reality universe with graphics from the 1980s. Petit adds: “We haven't seen anything yet.” Petit also added, "Who wants to be a cartoon character with no legs? Not attractive." He tries to support his view with an interesting analogy.

HTC Delays Its Metaverse Focused Device

Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC wants to have a share in the smartphone market again with a metaverse-focused device. It is not yet known from which point this phone will address the metaverse universe. Allegedly, the new phone model will work integrated with HTC's Vive Flow VR glasses. It is also thought that augmented reality (AR) applications will be included on the phone.

htc metaverse

However, we will have to wait for a while for this phone. HTC has announced that the phone, which is normally planned to be introduced in April, has been delayed. Upon a question on the brand's Taiwan Facebook page, the company made the following statement:

   "Thank you very much for your patience and support. The launch of the new mobile phones, originally planned for the second quarter, was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic on the global supply chain. Please also keep following our social platform, we will announce the information of the new phone here."