Last Sunday, Vitalik Buterin commented under a Twitter post about the metaverse. In the tweet in question, it was written that the metaverse was not possible in the near future, maybe it would never happen.

In his response, Vitalik said that the metaverse will happen, but it is difficult for large companies to do it. Stating that it is not possible to predict in which direction this concept will evolve, Vitalik included the following statements in his post:

   "The metaverse will happen, but I don't believe any of the current corporate attempts to intentionally build the metaverse will ever succeed."

There are many metaverse projects that try to provide new experiences to users with augmented virtual reality and to do this on the blockchain. One of the most prominent projects among these projects is seen as the breakthrough of Facebook, which changed the company name to META. With the vision of building the future of Web3 and seeking an assertive position in the metaverse, whether Metan can achieve these goals is on the agenda of the cryptocurrency community as a matter of debate.


Adding a new one to this debate, Buterin says, big companies have little chance of success because “it is too early to determine what people want. So everything Facebook has created right now will go to waste.” Stating that there will be no return on the investments of the commodity, Vitalik underlines that it is too early for everything and the concept of metaverse is not really understood yet.

On the other hand, Buterin's reaction was when Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor said in an online broadcast that Ethereum is an asset that violates securities laws. Replying to an account that tweeted on the subject, Buterin, referring to Saylor anonymously, said, "Why do maximalists always choose heroes who turn into complete clowns?" said.