The rise of Bitcoin above $ 50,000 again brought the expected relief in altcoins. The cryptocurrency market, which increased by over 10% yesterday, is still far from its real peaks. It may take a little more time for a real rise and for the patience of the investors inside to reap the benefits.

At this point, looking at the rises experienced yesterday, it was observed that the rises in Metaverse-focused coins were much faster and more effective. Metaverse coins started to skyrocket with BTC's first green light.

After the announcement of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, many Metaverse coins, which had risen after the rally after the famous social media giant Facebook changed its name to Meta, were away from the summit and took a rest. With the first green light from Bitcoin, the prominence of these projects also signals that the trend can continue.

It is observed that Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS) and Sandbox (SAND) are the most valuable metaverse-oriented cryptocurrencies in terms of market value. While the jumps in these cryptocurrencies reach 20%, we can easily see that the green color is dominant in the metaverse table.

Metaverse Coins

It was seen that the Metaverse projects BLOK, CEEK and RACA, which investors have been interested in recently, kept up with yesterday's rises.

According to the last 7 days changes:

60% of RACA,

55% of CEEK,

BLOCK is seen to have increased by 15%.

If we look at the current prices after the decline from their peak,

Despite the recent rise of RACA, 70% from its peak,

50% from the summit of CEEK,

BLOCK appears to be 60% below its peak.

Analysts recommend that those who want to make new entries should wait for the prices and indicators to cool instead of buying at these prices and evaluate accordingly.