The rapid growth of virtual reality technology in the gaming industry has opened up a significant number of opportunities in other industries. Epic Games and NASA have also partnered in this direction. NASA announced in an announcement recently that it has partnered with Epic Games to offer a “challenge” to game developers.

The goal here will be to create virtual reality assets and experiences that can help prepare for an eventual trip to the red planet Mars. The announcement was posted on the HeroX platform, which enables organizations to crowdsource solutions for unique projects. As NASA's announcement is aimed at game developers, it has partnered with Epic Games.

Developers will use Unreal Engine 5 to create Mars assets and experiences that will be used in NASA's Mars XR Operations Support System environment. Of course, the developers won't be bothered to develop a complete Mars simulation. The MarsXR environment already has a significant amount of content for developers to get started.

Mars Xr

MarsXR will come with an “earth” with more than 400 square kilometers of Martian terrain, day/night cycles, realistic weather conditions, simulated Martian gravity, as well as assets including spacesuits and rovers. Developers will then be able to add to these assets or use the existing ones to create their own custom experiences.

NASA said it's looking for five different experience styles so developers can choose what makes the most sense to them. Among the five “categories” that NASA will assess are “Camping,” “Scientific Research,” “Care,” “Discovery,” and “Confuse.” There will be 20 separate prizes, 4 for each category, and a total prize pool of $70,000.


Samsung Electronics has started to build its own metaverse.

Samsung executive Han Jong Hee announced that the company has started working on creating its own metaverse. The executive made the announcement at a shareholders' meeting in March. According to Hee, the metaverse will be a new impetus for Samsung's growth.

With the metaverse it will create, Samsung has accelerated the research and development of technologies related to the metaverse. The company wants to be among the fastest growing technology companies in the virtual world.