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Metaverse Partnership Between Alibaba and Avalanche

Alibaba Group’s cloud computing subsidiary, Alibaba Cloud, is preparing to launch a metaverse on the blockchain by collaborating with the smart contract-based layer-1 blockchain platform Avalanche. The collaboration aims to offer new possibilities to the metaverse world by creating decentralized, secure and scalable virtual worlds.

Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche are collaborating to address the challenges of implementing a secure and scalable metaverse infrastructure using their company’s strengths. Using its cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data analytics expertise, Alibaba Cloud will build a startup platform called Cloudverse on the Avalanche blockchain, where businesses can create, customize and maintain their metaverse environments. A third partner, MUA DAO, will facilitate the implementation of metaverse integration and customization.

On the other hand, Avalanche will provide decentralized structure and interoperability across metaverse ecosystems using its high-performance smart contract platform. The platform’s subnets allow operators to customize the blockchain to specific needs. By combining their resources, Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche will accelerate the development of metaverse ecosystems and create new opportunities for users, developers and businesses. Deploying a secure and scalable metaverse infrastructure through blockchain technology could unlock new possibilities for the future of virtual reality, leading to more decentralized, secure and interoperable metaverse platforms.

According to Ava Labs CEO and founder Emin Gun Sirer, anyone can create a metaverse at any time. It will only take 15 minutes to set up the chain, and developers will be able to set up the turnkey and wallet in a matter of hours. Sirer stated that the technology is designed simply so that anyone can work on it, and that all available tools are open source. Through Cloudverse, developers will have access to various support systems such as interactive functions, continuous operations, meta-economy and events. Each metaverse domain is expected to be ready in about a month after initial contact. The partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche is designed to empower developers to create secure virtual worlds that connect seamlessly to the wider ecosystem.

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