“Metaverse Needs 5G and 6G”

On December 20, Abhinav Purohit, Chief Specialist in Business and Strategy Consulting for Huawei’s Middle East region, published a three-part article on the potential of the metaverse sector and where telecom companies are positioned in this space. In his article, Purohit talked about what exactly the metaverse is and how to bring it to life. Purohit used the following expressions while describing the metaverse.

“The Metaverse is a collective virtual sharing space that will allow physically distant participants to enjoy realistic and spatial awareness experiences that seamlessly blend said virtual content.”

Purohit also added that the open metaverse concept is closely tied to Web3 activities as existing economies will be enabled by digital currencies and NFTs. However, Purohit argued that providing such a polished and immersive experience required a number of advanced technical improvements, adding:

“Making such experiences come to life will require innovations in areas such as hybrid and remote simultaneous operations, video compressions, edge computing and cross-layer visibility.”

Purohit also believes that changes need to be made to cellular standards, network optimizations, and improved wait times between devices and mobile networks.

Abhinav Purohit stated that key issues such as network responsiveness, speeds in data transfers, and attribute experience (throughput/time ratio) currently stand in the way of metaverse networks. On the other hand, Purohit stated that large-scale adoption of 5G networks will significantly increase bandwidth while reducing network competition and latency. In his comments about 6G, Purohit noted that it will increase the speeds in question according to another order of importance.

Compared to the fixed wireless network scenario, 5G network speed reaches a click rate of 1,000 megabits per second, according to reports. According to High Speed Internet data, this speed is much faster than the US average internet speed of 119.03 MBps.

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