According to the statements made by Meta Asgard, “Asgard” is at the top of the pyramid and the people living in Asgard are spiritual, born with divine innate superpowers, which makes them ultimately dominant and superior over all life on other planets.

On the other hand, it is thought that a remarkable development witnessed in the video game industry is to overcome technical and graphical limitations and what better way to achieve this is to choose the metaverse approach, that is, to create a fictional world with a separate presence on the Internet.

The Metaverse approach has also powerfully assisted in bringing the Marvel universe to life online through digital gaming environments. The developers of this approach argue that this is a technology that not only increases work efficiency, but also proves to be a modern and advanced way of creating an interactive environment. The contemporary Metaverse marketplace is designed to address the technological limitations common to virtual and/or augmented reality devices. On the other hand, there are repeated copies of the metaverse approach all over the space, focusing primarily on the integration of intangible and physical spaces when using digital currencies.


What is Meta-Asgard?

While various components of Metaverse technologies have already been developed in the contemporary internet market, Meta Asgard was built to attract as many Marvel fans as possible to the project in a different way. While residing here in Asgard, you can choose any Marvel character you want from Thor, doctor strange, hulk, Odin, Loki or Hela.

Meta-Asgard aims to integrate the metaverse approach into the Marvel world so that you can relive and experience all the experiences your favorite hero went through throughout the movie. The planets chosen for this approach replicate the Marvel multiverse. Also, Meta-Asgard uses a decentralized GAMEFY token with a community-centric ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Smart Chain is mainly used to trade assets online via digital currency. In Asgard the Meta, users will need to purchase NFT characters to enter the Asgard game using Virtual Reality.

The metaverse approach, which includes multiplayer assets to make online games more competitive and engaging according to the platform, is the future of the gaming world. In addition, the latest and advanced applications are opening up to the whole world and are rooted in the world of crypto money.

The Marvel Universe has always prioritized the enriching experience, and Meta-Asgard does just that. In The Meta Asgard, it successfully reproduces an extension of MCU fandom and immerses users in an exciting experience where they will replace their favorite characters.


Token Economy


Decimal: 8 Blockchain-Binance Smart Chain

Token Standard: BEP 20

Token Distribution: 45% on pre-sales, 45% liquidity and 10% airdrop

How to Buy MESGARD on PancakeSwap?

  • Step 1: Download Metamask
  • Step 2: Install the Binance smart chain on Metamask
  • Step 3: Transfer BNB to your Metamask wallet
  • Step 4: Replace BNB with MESGARD
  • Step 5: View MESGARD in Metamask

In 2022, it is stated in the road map that the following steps will be followed.

  • Gamepad Version
  • Meta Asgord game development
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Great Marketing App
  • More CEX Listings
  • Release of the test phase of the game
  • Product Distribution
  • Launch of the Official Game i.e. holding the “Meta Asgard Event”