MetaMask Launched the Function to Buy Crypto with Fiat Para

External cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask has announced a new feature in its portfolio dApp that allows purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. With this feature, users will be able to buy directly with fiat money to add crypto money to their portfolio.

Announced on the Twitter account, the feature was introduced as a simple and hassle-free purchase process. With the crypto money purchase feature possible through MetaMask’s portfolio dApp, crypto purchases can be made by debit and credit card, bank transfer and PayPal payment for eligible countries. The purchase can be made for more than 90 cryptoassets in 8 networks. Supported networks were announced as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche Contract Chain, Fantom, Optimism and Celo.

MetaMask began work on selling crypto with fiat money last year. The decentralized crypto wallet app signed with PayPal last year, allowing users to purchase Ethereum via the payment platform. MetaMask developers have also been collaborating with various projects for some time to expand their user base. The closest example to these initiatives was the MetaMask – MoonPay collaboration last month. With this collaboration, Nigerian users can quickly purchase cryptocurrencies via bank transfer.

To buy crypto with fiat money, MetaMask’s latest innovation, users must first connect their wallets to the “Portfolio dApp”. Then, after selecting the country, payment method, requested crypto currency and network from the “buy” section on the left menu, a price offer is created. Then, after the transaction takes place on the website of the 3rd party mediating the payment, the cryptocurrencies are transferred to the user’s MetaMask wallet.

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