After ending Diem, which appeared as a fixed asset project in the past years, Meta embarked on a new token preparation.

According to the Financial Times, Meta has a centralized in-app token development plan for the Roblox game, similar to ROBUX. However, among the possibilities is the option that it will not be a cryptocurrency. Major news sources underline that the project is still at the beginning and that there may be changes in the course of the project in the future.


Web 3.0 companies continue their open-source development separate from Meta's efforts. Yat Siu, the chairman of Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based gaming software company and venture capital firm founded in 2014, claimed that the company posed a threat to the development of the virtual world because Meta had the intention to build a closed Metaverse.

Although this token, which Meta plans to create for the metaverse universe, is at the rumor stage, it is on the expectation of a crypto asset to enable interaction with users and NFTs. It seems certain that this will not be Diem. The Diem stablecoin project had not been able to move forward after it was announced in 2019 after being stuck in regulatory hurdles.