Meta has just launched a new game

Facebook’s parent company Meta has introduced a new aiming game, Super Rumble, on its virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds, and it’s an important milestone in the development of the metaverse. Super Rumble showcases the potential of Horizon Worlds with its complex visuals, interactivity and engaging gameplay.

Unlike previous games presented in Horizon, Super Rumble was created using imported objects and textures. It also creates a more reactive environment for gamers by using Microsoft’s open source programming language TypeScript. According to Vishal Shah, Meta’s Head of Product for Metaverse, this innovative game has significantly increased the possibilities for what can be built in Horizon.

Meta is struggling with Horizon’s decline in user numbers. The number of users, which was 300,000 at the beginning of 2022, dropped to 200,000 at the end of the year. That said, the company remains committed to developing the platform. Shah stated that they have worked diligently on Horizon over the past year, adding that they aim to provide users with compelling content from day one and add features that allow importing objects and assets created with third-party tools.

Meta founded Ouro Interactive, an internal studio dedicated to developing custom games. Super Rumble is the first title this team has produced, with more games expected to be released in the next six months. Shah also revealed that Meta plans to focus on mobile apps, adding features that allow people living in areas where Meta’s devices are not yet available or cannot afford VR headsets to enjoy the virtual space.

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