Mark Zuckerberg thinks Meta and Apple will compete in which direction the internet is going. Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said at an in-house meeting that "Meta is in a very deep and philosophical rivalry with Apple in the metaverse".

Zuckerberg also stated that Apple will want to tightly control the metaverse experience. As it is known, the company thinks they are creating a better consumer experience by doing everything themselves and tightly integrating it. He said that Meta will move in the opposite direction in this regard.

The successful CEO underlined that he was unsure whether a separate open or closed ecosystem would be better. Zuckerberg made comments that Apple's strategy could be more beneficial than Meta's open ecosystem. Accordingly, Meta's goal is to get its equipment into the hands of as many people as possible. However, the company has announced that they will not follow this path.


Meta thinks that Apple will rival them in the metaverse ecosystem, but the AR / VR headset model developed by Apple will definitely not take the concept of metaverse into focus, contrary to great expectations. It is reported that Apple generally does not take kindly to "virtual worlds centered on a break from reality". Apple is not even expected to use the concept of the metaverse at the event where it will introduce the title. According to the transferred information, Apple does not want to push real life aside.

Shiba Inu community plans to open a new NFT market in Shibarium

With the Shibarium Public Beta underway, SHIB owners have big plans for their role in the new Layer-2. Accordingly, several projects prepared to build the Shibarium emerged. One of them is Pawzaar, an NFT marketplace created by PawZone that will also contribute to SHIB burns. Dubbed an NFT marketplace for SHIB holders, Pawzaar hopes to be one of the first projects launched at Shibarium.