The crypto detail draws attention in Meta's new trademark applications. The social media giant, which continues its activities under the name of the Facebook brand, accelerated its activities related to the crypto sector after rebranding under the name Meta. A prime example of this is the company's recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office for eight trademarks containing its logo.

It is noteworthy that trademark applications containing the Meta logo cover crypto money assets, Blockchain software, crypto asset exchanges. Making a statement on the subject, trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis stated that the applications reflect the company's strategies regarding Metaverse. At the same time, he emphasized that the social media giant Meta has serious plans for the virtual economy.


Recently, it has been seen that many brands have applied for trademarks for the digital world. These applications are made in order not to encounter any problems in the future by registering the trademarks in the traditional markets in the digital world. Recent data shows that companies are in a hurry to register their brands in the digital world. So much so that the patent applications for NFT and Metaverse in the first 3 months of 2022 exceeded the sum of 2021.

While the plans for the social media giant's latest trademark filings are currently unclear, this move shows once again that Meta has serious plans for the cryptocurrency industry and Metaverse-related products and services. If Meta's applications for financial trading, currency trading, Blockchain software, virtual currency wallets, virtual currency exchange, digital, crypto and virtual currencies are approved, the company will have the right to be the sole user for the word "Meta" in these fields.

Mark Zuckerberg

Britain sparks controversy with social media law

The European country wants to control the confidential data that social media platforms operate. Meta, which is owned by Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, and naturally CEO Mark Zuckerberg, may fall victim to the new law to be implemented by the UK. Heavy sanctions will be imposed on technology companies operating in the country but not complying with the draft law. Sanctions include criminal liability for executives up to two years in prison or a fine. Speaking conclusively about Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other social media executives, Minister Dorries said that they could face jail time if the law is not followed.