Messari CEO Says $100,000 For Bitcoin

Amid concerns about the global banking crisis, Ryan Selkis, co-founder of data analytics company Messari, predicts that Bitcoin could show a remarkable bullish performance over a one-year period. In his comment shared on Twitter, Selkis announced that he expects BTC to reach $ 100,000 in the next 12 months. Ryan Selkis pointed to some developments for this prediction.

Ryan Selkis, who listed his predictions for the next 12 months on Twitter, said that he expected more banks to have problems in the next few weeks. Accordingly, Selkis, who believes that the Fed will stop raising interest rates, thinks that quantitative easing will return. Messari CEO thinks that Bitcoin will continue to rise with a sustainable increase in supply and that BTC will move towards 100 thousand dollars in the next 1 year as institutional investors get on the train again.

Ryan Selkis also has the view that despite US regulators’ pressure on cryptocurrency markets, the number of institutional companies with a crypto portfolio will increase by buying more cryptocurrencies. Selkis, who accepts Bitcoin as a savior, mentions that he remains optimistic for the future, and sees the institutional investors turning their direction to the crypto money sector as the key point.

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