The funds, which are preferred by companies or individuals that do not directly invest in cryptocurrencies, left behind a relatively stagnant period last week. Coinshares, Europe's largest cryptocurrency fund provider, has released its figures reflecting the week between September 12-16.

The outflows from Ethereum funds for months continued in the time of Merge, one of the biggest developments in the history of crypto money, and the outflows from ETH funds were $ 15.4 million last week. In addition, the outflows in Ethereum funds have reached 375 million dollars since the beginning of the year.

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Investments in Bitcoin (BTC) continued

Contrary to the exits in Ethereum, the inflows to Bitcoin funds also attracted attention. A total of $ 17.4 million was received in such funds. Short Bitcoin funds also showed a positive outlook and received an investment of $ 2.6 million. Solana funds saw a total investment of $1.4 million, XRP $300,000, and Cardano funds also saw a total investment of $100k. Total net investments, on the other hand, reached the level of 7.3 million dollars.

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Most of the investments come from the United States

While most of the fund investments came from the USA, the figure was 13.7 million dollars. Germany ranked second with $11.7 million. It was also noteworthy that 15.8 million dollars came out of the funds in Sweden. In Switzerland, which has made crypto-friendly moves recently, $ 1.2 million, and in Brazil, which is struggling with inflation problems, $ 900 thousand crypto money fund investments have been made. While the total value of crypto money funds is 26 million 900 million dollars, 17.6 billion dollars of this figure belongs to Grayscale. The Grayscale company has recently applied to the SEC to issue an ETHPoW fund.