Medieval Empires Introduces MEE Token

Web3 strategy game Medieval Empires has announced the release of its utility token MEE. The launch of the MEE token, a defining milestone in the project’s roadmap, brings Medieval Empires one step closer to delivering the cutting-edge Web3 gaming experience promised to character/player fans, gamers, and blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

Medieval Empires, which successfully left the seeds and special rounds behind, announced that it has launched the MEE token in order to strengthen the game ecosystem.

Medieval Empires has been accelerating since the game was announced. It is working hard to bring out a token with extensive Tokenomics in the gaming and blockchain ecosystem. Having reached all the milestones set according to the project roadmaps, the ME team is one step closer to launching the play and own blockchain game.

The game’s MEE token (aka The Utility Token) provides benefits such as Airdrops and exclusive Lands. It also acts as a project token for seed and private investors whose allocations expire over time.

The MEE token will be listed on the ByBit exchange on December 19, 2022. IDOs will be held on various launchpads, including WePad, TrustPad, BinStarter, Poolz Finance, and EnjinStarter, from December 12, 2022 to December 17, 2022.

Regarding the upcoming big event, Assad Dar, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of Medieval Empires, said:

“Medieval Empires has reached many important milestones and I’m proud to see the game progress rapidly in terms of art, game mechanics and game economy. The MEE Token launch is a major milestone for all of us. I urge mainstream and blockchain players, as well as crypto enthusiasts, to stay put, as they are about to see an extraordinary crypto event happen.”

Stating that he has full confidence in his team’s efforts that led to this TGE, Chief Executive Officer Jan Berkefeld said:

“What I love most about Medieval Empires is that top professionals from different fields have come together to create this blockchain game. We are carefully building our game, doing our best according to the roadmap we have committed, and we are excited as this TGE brings us one step closer to the launch of the game. The MEE token will be limited in supply and will be the game’s Utility token, with its own unique powers and abilities for in-game holders. We are excited to make the token available on multiple launchpads and exchanges for those interested in acquiring it.”

Medieval Empires promises to be a one-of-a-kind blockchain game that will be released in the second quarter of 2023. With its free to play and own economy, players will be able to join the game without any hassle and have valuable NFT assets in-game.

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