MediaMarktSaturn Group announced yesterday in a press release dated June 1, 2022, that since the beginning of May, crypto ATMs have started operating at three Saturn electronics stores in Cologne, Frankfurt and Dortmund, Germany.

As part of a six-month pilot project, Saturn customers can now convert the price to BTC or ETH and then load them into their digital wallets using machines run by one of the collaboration partners, Kurant.

In this way, Saturn wants to provide a consumer-friendly introduction to the crypto world. According to Christian Stephan, the group's head of innovation research, there is a growing demand for cryptocurrencies, especially among tech-savvy retail customers.


The initiative was developed in collaboration with Kurant, an Austria-based European market leader in the distribution of crypto ATMs. Kurant has installed more than 200 crypto ATMs across Europe, including Germany, Spain, and Greece. In Austria they have been collaborating with MediaMarkt since 2019. In April 2022, the company placed its crypto ATMs in twelve MediaMarktSaturn stores in Austria.

Another participant in the project is the Hamburg-based private bank Sutor Bank. The collaboration of Stefan Grill, the managing director of Kurant, with Sutor Bank ensures that transactions at the crypto ATM are legally compliant, and the bank also provides assistance with a reliable support team when needed.


With these results from Austria and the experience gained from the ongoing pilot project in Germany, MediaMarktSaturn states that it will continuously evaluate the expansion of its activities in this service segment. There is still a lot of room for expansion as the group has a total of around 410 stores in Germany alone.

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